In addition to lifting concrete, ACCULIFT services include soil stabilization, deep foam injection, and void filling for residential, commercial, and municipal properties just to name a few.


ACCULIFT specializes in polyurethane injection to fill underground voids, stabilize soils, improve load bearing capacities and improve sub grade material properties for land development and construction industries.

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Residential Services

Your home is one of the biggest investments you will have. Protecting that investment is critical to the longevity and and years of worry free living. To help protect that investment ACCULIFT provides underground services to protect and preserve foundations, driveways, walkways, as well as pools, decks, and patios to name a few.

Commercial Services

Commercial properties have to withstand various conditions including heavier vehicles and more foot traffic. These locations are liable for stricter safety standards as well as can be exposed to potential liability. ACCULIFT provides permanent repairs that provide safer environment for the public.

Industrial Services

Industrial sector includes manufacturing, warehousing, flex business, and office space. These areas are exposed to heavy machinery that produce vibrations that damage sub grade materials supporting the structures above. Acculift utilizes polyurethane foams that dampen vibrations and support heavy equipment and machinery.

Municipal Services

ACCULIFT provides permanent repair solutions for municipal projects including roadways, storm water drain systems, curb & gutters, sidewalks, and recreational areas.

DOT Services

ACCULIFT polyurethane injection services are applied to repair highways, bridge approaches, railroad crossings, culverts, airport runways and below concrete surfaces.  Most ACCULIFT repairs can minimize disruptions to a few hours versus weeks and months as compared to traditional repairs.

Geotechnical Services

ACCULIFT provides expertise in geotechnical services to improve the sub surface properties of soil.  ACCULIFT technologies improve load bearing capacities, reduce settlement, and control ground movement.  ACCULIFT repairs and fixes the root of the problem.

Deep Foam Injection Service

Deep foam injection is a technique that addresses deeper soil failures that standard concrete lifting is unable to reach.  It utilizes the same process and equipment as standard concrete lifting but what’s different is we use specifically designed pipe systems to drive deeper depths than the traditional concrete lift.  As a result ACCULIFT injects and applies foam to over burdened soils where needed.

ACCULIFT will determine if your project requires this additional support to your standard concrete lifting.

Deep Foam Stabilizing Seawall Repair Services

Deep foam injection is a nonintrusive way to repair a problem deep below the surface.  Deep foam injection can be accomplished without heavy equipment or excavation. Concrete slabs and structures are designed with specific load bearing capacities. When there are inconsistencies in support, failures may occur. Deep foam injection is used when a stronger foundation is required to support footers, slabs, and structures that have settled.  Deep foam injection increases the load bearing capacity of the sub-grade, while binding loose soils. The foam does not change shape or absorb water and expands into the weak soils binding the soil and making it solid.

ACCULIFT may recommend deep foam injection on any type of project and will discuss with customers when it is necessary upgrade to standard concrete lifting.


Pool Areas: Deep foam injection is often used for pool areas where erosion around the pool has occurred over time from over-saturated soils or improper drainage design. Supporting soils and fill can erode leaving pools and pool decks without the necessary support when drainage is not optimal.

Raised Porches & Steps: Erosion and voids are commonly found on raised porches and under steps where construction & building practices inadequately fill and compact the structure.  Deep foam injection will stabilize the base structure that elevated porches are 

Sea Walls: Soil behind a sea walls erodes causing surrounding areas to be compromised. This includes structures like docks, decks, and driveways to fail creating costly repairs. When there are inconsistencies in support, failures may occur. ACCULIFT utilizes special equipment to stabilize the soil deep underground to support the sea wall barrier and prevent further erosion and soil loss.

Deep Foam Stabilizing Seawall Repair Services

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