FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is concrete lifting or concrete raising?

Concrete lifting is also referred to as concrete raising or concrete repair. Oftentimes, it may be referred to as slab jacking or mud jacking.  It is the process of raising concrete back to the original position.  A cost and time effective alternative to concrete replacement.

What is stabilization and lifting?

All projects involve void filling and stabilization. ACCULIFT stabilization occurs when voids are filled with injected foam, which expands and hardens to lock the slab in its current position. Then, lifting or raising occurs when additional foam is injected to actually lift the sinking slab and restore it closer to its original location.

How do I know if I should raise and repair or replace my concrete?

Contact us for a free, no obligation estimate for homeowners, business owners, property managers, HOAs or municipalities.

What are the benefits of concrete lifting vs concrete replacement?

Cost Effective.  To replace a concrete slab involves many steps.  A crew is hired to demolish the existing slab, remove and discard it. Then, the foundation below is stabilized and the new slab is poured and finally, concrete needs time to cure before use. Concrete lifting is typically about half the cost of replacing the same concrete and is quicker in both completion and curing time. Once lifting is complete, the area is ready to use.

Minimal Impact on Surroundings. Replacing concrete requires large and heavy equipment to demolish and re-pour the slab. In commercial applications, this may cause downtime to re-organize or move operations. Concrete lifting has little to no impact on environmental surroundings. Equipment is parked on the street and has the ability to reach hard-to-reach areas.

 Minimize Safety Hazards. The potential for injury increases when uneven or compromised concrete is present. Concrete raising projects generally last hours, may be longer depending on the severity of the issues, and is ready to use upon completion. Eliminating uneven concrete may reduce trip and fall hazards.

What do you raise or lift?

ACCULIFT can raise many types of concrete slabs. Most solid slabs can be raised and stabilized. Gravel areas, blacktop and pavers sitting in sand cannot be raised but the soil underneath can be stabilized with ACCULIFT Deep Foam Injection.  Slabs of concrete that are badly cracked may be too damaged to lift.

We perform lifting and stabilization on driveways, pool decks, walkways, garage floors, interior floors, sidewalks, factory floors, apartment complex sidewalks/walkways/parking lots, bridge approaches, curb and gutter and sidewalk projects.  Contact us to evaluate your project.

What kind of material do you use to raise the concrete?

Polyurethane foam concrete raising material is injected as a liquid that sets as a rigid foam. The lightweight foam will not lose density or shrink.

Will there be trucks on my lawn?

A hose is ran straight from the truck or trailer to the repair site without driving equipment on your lawn.

What concrete can be raised?

Solid slabs of concrete can be raised and stabilized. Slabs of concrete that are badly cracked may be too damaged to lift. Call us for a free estimate to evaluate how we can help.

How long does concrete lifting or concrete raising take?

Every job is different. Most jobs can be completed in a few hours and concrete is ready to use.

Can all slabs be lifted?

Most concrete can be lifted. In instances concrete is severely cracked or compromised or supports heavy structures may not be lifted.  Call us for an on-site estimate.

How much does it cost?

Lifting and repair is most often less cost than full replacement.  When problems are addressed early, concrete can be repaired which cost less than replacing your concrete.  Call us for a free estimate.

Do you have a warranty?

ACCULIFT offers a 3-year transferable warranty.

Who will be performing work?

Currently the owner provides all estimates and performs all work.  ACCULIFT does not sub-contract out the work like other companies.  Unlike other companies that utilize an estimator to visit site and make recommendations.  These estimators are usually commissioned base on sales and may not have any experience lifting concrete.  You can be assured that same person that estimates the job will be performing the work. 


In most cases you do not need to be home or present for the evaluation.  Simply provide the address, we will assess the situation, take photos and provide a written estimate and phone consultation to help explain our recommendation.


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